Crownworks Based on Zirconium Dioxide

Zircon is one of the oldest and most common minerals of the Earth crust. Zirconium dioxide is produced of this chemical element (zirconium oxide stabilized with yttrium oxide). It is a high-tech material that is used in medicine, particularly in the hip replacement surgery for more than 20 years. Now there is a possibility to use this material in dentistry. Zirconium dioxide with its exceptional biocompatibility properties is now the best among currently available dental ceramic materials, as it shows the best performance needed for manufacturing of modern dental ...

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About us

Our Company has been operating on the dental services market for more than 10 years. Westmedservice is proud of its highly qualified specialists. Our attentive and helpful staff will serve you perfectly, relieve anxiety before the upcoming treatment, and create a homelike atmosphere and comfort.

At Westmedservice we use only the cutting-edge painless techniques of adult and child dental treatment, restoration and implantation.

Come to "Westmedservice” and you will see that we satisfy even the most stringent demands of our patients, because their concern is our highest priority!

The clinic specializes in dental treatment, restoration and implantation, and dental procedures.

Only highly qualified doctors, who have extensive experience in solving a variety of oral cavity problems, receive patients in our clinic. Westmedservice dentistry is an up-to-date clinic that meets all the requirements of even the most exacting patients. As you get acquainted with the work of the clinic, you will become our regular patient and thorough oral care can help you avoid problems in the future.

Flexible working hours allow you to choose the most convenient time to visit the doctor.

If you are looking for professional help and aim for perfect treatment results our dentistry is waiting for you!

Westmedservice dentistry offers advanced high-quality dental care services. New equipment from leading manufactures, quiet friendly atmosphere and, most importantly, highly skilled specialists, continuously improving their professional skills, is what has been the core of our dental center’s success and made us proud of it for many years. A lot of our visitors have become our regular patients and recommend us to their families and friends.

And it demonstrates that we managed to gain the trust of the patients. Any of us has a chance to be successful, beloved, active and even famous. We walk this way, relying on hard work, talent, activity and sociability. But any of us is unlikely to remain indifferent to an open smile on the face of the person he/she speaks to. Because a smile is a reflection of good humor, willingness to communicate and accomplish life goals. And if you wish to keep the great ability to smile for many years, take care of choosing a dental clinic today with experts whom you can trust the health of your teeth. Nowadays there is a variety of dental services available on the market, offered by different clinics. How to make the right choice? How not to be mistaken? How to choose the right dentist?

First of all, you should answer the question, what you expect from dental treatment. Most people without hesitation answer that one of the major criteria for selection is the possibility of pain-free treatment. We do not promise that we are gods and work wonders, but each of our dental center’s specialists is a true master of his craft. Westmedservice offers a combination of highly professional medical staff and compliance with sanitary and health requirements and legal organization of medical appointments.

Westmedservice is the dentistry worthy of you!

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